Pint of No Return

About the Book


The first in new dessert cozy mystery series! A murder in town is bound to shake things up…

After her divorce from her thrice-married embezzler husband, Trinidad Jones is finally ready for a fresh start. So when she’s left one of ex’s businesses in Upper Sprocket, Oregon, she decides to pack up her dog, cash in her settlement, and open her dream business: the Shimmy and Shake Shop, introducing the world to her monster milkshakes. And even with a couple sticky situations underway, namely that the other two ex-wives also call Sprocket home, Trinidad’s life seems to be churning along smoothly.

That is, until she discovers her neighbor, the Popcorn King, head down in his giant popcorn kettle. When one of Trinidad’s fellow ex-wives is accused of the murder and Upper Sprocket descends into mayhem, it’s going to take a supersized scoop of courage to flush out the killer.

Pint of No Return Excerpt One 

It was an absolute monster.  

Trinidad Jones rubbed at a sticky splotch on her apron and slid her offering across the pink flecked Formica counter. The decadent milkshake glittered under the Shimmy and Shake Shop’s fluorescent bulbs, from the glorious crown of brûléed marshmallow, down the candy splattered ganache coating the outer rim, to the frosted glass through which peeked the red and white striped milkshake itself. Her own reflection stared back at her, hair frizzed, round cheeks flushed. Something this decadent just had to be a crime. “What should I call it?” 

Trinidad’s freshly minted employees, twins Carlos and Diego Martin, were transfixed, eyes lit with the enthusiasm only fifteen-year-old boys with bottomless appetites could attain. They might have been staring at a newly landed spaceship for all the wonder in their long lashed brown gazes. She still wasn’t entirely sure which twin was which, but they were doing a bang-up job helping her ready the shop for its launch in a scant seven day’s time.  

Noodles, her faithful Labrador, cocked his greying head from his cushion near the front door and swiped a fleshy tongue over his lips which she took as approval. 

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About the Author

Dana Mentink Author PicDana Mentink enjoys writing in many different capacities. She currently writes for Harlequin’s Love Inspired Suspense, Harlequin Heartwarming and Harvest House Publishers and her mystery series debuts with Poisoned Pen Press in October.

Dana is the recipient of a Romantic Times Reviewer’s Choice Award, two ACFW Carol Awards as well as a Holt Medallion.

Dana loves feedback from her readers. Contact her via her website at

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