Book Ratings

How I rate my books:

5 Stars – This book is AMAZING. Loved it. Highly Recommended it. I would walk through the desert with no water to buy it. It is amazing I could not put it down. It made me think, and it is an original plot type of book.

4 Stars – An Excellent Book. No, I would not give my life’s saving to ensure this book’s care for the next hundred years but all things considered, I enjoyed it. I’m emotionally invested and marginally devastated if the rest of the series doesn’t pan out. However, there is just something missing.

3 Stars – It’s good or great. There’s a few issues with the plot or a really unlikeable character that ruined it for me (i.e. Star crossed lovers after two pages, too many brazen things happening).

2 Stars – I had a very hard time with this one. I gave this one a shot but it committed far too many cardinal sins of grammar, common sense, good taste, basic science, (etc) that it was a struggle to get through.

1 Star – No Thanks. If by some misfortune I own it, I wouldn’t give it away for fear of inflicting it on someone else.