Wesley Raccoon

About the Books

9780228820192-SC.inddWesley Raccoon: The Old Man in the Houseboat


This story is about a shy little raccoon who overcomes his fear of meeting new people. Join Wesley Raccoon on his travels through the streets of Amsterdam to find out how The Old Man In The Houseboat becomes his new best friend.



Wesley Raccoon: Captain John’s Social


This inspiring story of friendship captures the importance of spending time with friends throughout our life. Join Wesley Raccoon and The Old Man in the Houseboat on their adventures through Vondelpark, and learn how Captain John’s Social gathers a unique circle of true friends.

Author Interview

How do you pick your character’s personalities or looks?

It was a ton of fun to sift through the personalities of Wesley and all his friends in this friendship series.  Many of the characters developed from personal experience with family, friends and extended friends.

Wesley is based on the Character of my grandson, who coincidentally is named…you guessed it, Wesley. The Old Man in the Houseboat is a super easy going older man who loves connecting with people and makes friends easily. This personality is tried and true to the character of my father, so the first book is based on a friendship between my father, and the great grandson that he never met but would have loved. The new release, Captain John’s Social, takes off from there and introduces several other key characters all a little quirky in their own special way.

What inspires you the most?

Traveling is the most inspirational tool in my writing kit.  I find a tremendous amount of inspiration from traveling to other countries and experiencing a variety of cultures. It really enriches our lives on multiple levels. That ’little map’ in our mind expands every time you encounter a new culture, environment or situation, so yes, traveling is the trigger for my inspiration.  This series came to life while on a trip to Amsterdam with my family in 2019.  The concept was mulling around in my head, but experiencing the culture on the Netherlands really brought the book to life.  You can find many authentic names from Amsterdam sprinkled throughout the book.

Once an idea takes root, how long does it take you to write it down? Do you use outlines?

Outlines are definitely helpful.  However, I usually find new concepts spark an avalanche of ideas and thoughts.  I seem to get a huge download all at once and often find myself writing as quickly as I can just to keep up with the ideas that are coming to mind.  Of course, keeping ideas and concepts that work within a story line and discarding what doesn’t – Its’ definitely a process.

What are your hobbies other than writing?

I love anything creative, painting, making crafts, designing jewelry, gardening or working with healing crystals are all forms of creative output for me.  During the lockdown of the pandemic, it defiantly gave me time and opportunity to expand my creativity. I found myself take tons of online classes, watching lessons on how to paint on YouTube and started an ETSY shop online.  You can find some of my art work and copies of my books on ETSY.ca (TheArtsyDaughter).

Do you have a genre that you would never write?

Horror, it’s way too scary for me.   I have an active imagination, so horror is just too much for me to digest.

What was your favorite book growing up?

I was a child of the 70’s so growing up my favourite books were Green Eggs and Ham, and All the Places You Will Go – both by Dr. Seuss.

What did you do before becoming a writer?

I started writing while I was working full time in an office (not an overly inspiring environment). For years I worked in Administration and Human Resources. Recently I decided to dedicate my time to writing full time and working in Holistic Medicine, I find the two modalities work really well together. Not to mention they make me a much happier person, or so my husband tells me.

About the Author

20012196As a mother to four grown boys, Michelle is passionate about writing captivating children’s stories on the importance of social acceptance, kindness and life lessons. Her books focus on friendship, love and self-awareness blossoming in a world that children understand.


Her warm-hearted approach to writing and whimsical use of watercolor illustrations connect with young creative minds, inspiring children of all ages. The message she coveys is simple yet powerful: “When we release our fear of the unknown and our preconceived notions, we free our hearts to find true friends, to love, and to grow.”








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    Sounds like a very good book.

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      I think so too!


  2. Sounds really cute!


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