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The Rubber Band

About the Book

CMYK300TheRubberband (1) (2) Book: The Rubber Band
Author: Christy Hoss
Genre: Middle Grade
Release date: July 31, 2020
THE RUBBER BAND What do Roadkill Rocky, Bossy Becca, and Pinhead Eddie have in common? Nothing. A rag-tag bunch of elementary school kids come together to form a rock and roll band and enter the Sun Valley talent contest. Will they be strong enough to overcome prejudice and see the dream of winning through, or will an unforeseen medical emergency break the bond of the band?

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Author Interview:

Hello Christy!
Thanks for stopping by and letting us get to know you a bit better 🙂

How do you pick your characters personalities, or looks?
I was an elementary school teacher for 12 years then quit to work as a substitute to support my writing career. I am unemployed now because of COVID. When I was working, I derived my characters and the outrageous situations from the many children I encountered over the years. It’s not hard to describe characters or choose them when I have yearbooks full of faces and stories, some of which actually happened to me.

What is your favorite genre to read? What is your favorite genre to write? And why are they your favorites?
My favorite genre is middle grade. I have seen firsthand how children fall in love with reading, can’t get enough of books and actually walk around at recess with open books in their hands! This genre is full of surprises, some magical, some realistic, and is short enough to read in a day and write in a month. I grew up thinking when I became a writer that I would write romance novels. In writing middle grade novels, I’m encouraged that the process doesn’t take as long as a 400-page novel does. Middle grade has become my favorite because secretly, I am still a little girl bottled up in an adult and this genre allows me to indulge my inner child and fulfill my second-grade dreams of being an author.

Do you have a favorite author? Or someone whom you would say has influenced your writing style?
I love Francine Rivers. She is a pioneer in this industry, and though she doesn’t write middle grade, I am fortunate enough to have her as a writing mentor. Her input helped me end the second book in The Rubber Band series with a sweet touch that will leave the readers crying happy tears. She pictures my characters growing up and already has them paired off for marriage!

My writing style has definitely been influenced by Brandilyn Collins. She writes suspense, but under her mentorship I learned to write “hooks” at the end of each chapter to keep the reader engaged and wanting more.

What are your hobbies other than writing?
I love planting and caring for my succulent garden. In my spare time I am learning to play the accordion.-My grandmother played and it brings back fond memories.

Do you have a genre that you would never write? (In the Christian genre sphere i.e. speculative, historical, contemporary, etc.)
I would never write something I don’t read and that would be fantasy. I enjoy watching it, but fantasy has too many “new” worlds and creatures to wrap my head around. I have to stop and think too much about who is talking and where they are. I lose the enjoyment.

Lastly, what was your favorite book growing up?
Without a doubt, Little Women. During library time one day, I pulled it off the shelf. It was so thick and had so many pages, I didn’t think I could read a book that long. But I decided to challenge myself. Surprisingly, I couldn’t put it down and my love of reading was born.

Sounds like you had some great influences in your writing! I too love middle grade fiction as I think it is so imaginative. Thank you so much for taking the time to let my readers and I get to know you better!

About the Author

IMG_0898-Edit (1) Christy caught the writing bug in second grade after winning a prize for a five-page story about her dog, Noodles. Mrs. Olson told her she was destined to be a writer and that dream never left her thoughts. After teaching elementary school for fifteen years, Christy fulfilled her childhood dream with her debut novel, The Rubber Band. She substitute teaches to support her writing career, deriving writing inspiration from the students and situations she encounters.

At age twenty-five, she was diagnosed with type-one diabetes but refuses to let it limit her. Her diabetic alert dog, Aiden, has saved her life uncountable times and will appear in future installments of The Rubber Band. Christy lives by this equation: Living + diabetes = LIVE-abetes.

Christy is a freelance editor and writes children’s Bible stories for Focus on the Family ClubHouse magazine and has written articles for Guideposts. She is a featured speaker for conferences, retreats and special events.

Christy lives in Northern California with Kevin, the love of her life. They have three grown children.

More from Christy

Noodles is the reason I am a writer. Noodles was my childhood dog’s name. I loved her oodles and oodles. She was a dachshund, not a poodle. I often drew her in my doodles. (Can you tell I’m an elementary school teacher?) A few short years ago, when I was in second grade, I entered a class writing contest. My story was five sentences long but won first place. The teacher told me I was destined to be a writer. That encouragement never left me. I grew up in the small town of Thief River Falls, Minnesota, and always loved writing in school, especially fiction. I wrote stories for my friends and for myself to create situations I could only dream of. As an adult, I moved to California, determined to live for God. He led me back to college where I fell in love with writing again. I won a state-wide award for my feature article in the JC’s newspaper, confirming my heart’s desire. Fast forward through marriage, kids, and a teaching job—my friends begged me to write about a recurring night dream I had, which was like watching the ending of a suspense thriller movie. Through writing conferences, critique groups and late nights, I wrote Palms of Death by starting at the end and working my way backwards. After rewriting it several times, I self-published it in 2018. At my first major writers’ conference, the Lord undeniably called me to write. So, the real reason I write is not because of Noodles, but because I want to always be a faithful follower of Jesus Christ and wholeheartedly follow His direction. That’s my story, just a bit of the whole kit and caboodle.

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  1. Beatrice LaRocca says:

    Thank you for sharing the author interview and book details, this sounds like an awesome book to share with my grandchildren


  2. Emma says:

    This sounds like an interesting story! I like where the author got her characters.


  3. carylkane says:

    I enjoyed learning more about Christy and her book. Thank you for hosting.


  4. JM says:

    I enjoyed learning more about why Christy became a writer. I’ve read some of her books and they are great! Very heart warming stories and perfect for giving kids good wholesome ideas and examples for life!


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