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fISh OUt of WaTER An Ozarks Lake Mystery by Marc Jedel

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fISh OUt of WaTER – An Ozarks Lake Mystery Cozy Mystery 1st in Series Publisher: BGM Press Number of Pages: 275

A small-town homicide. A community swamped in secrets. Can married amateur sleuths bait and capture the killer before the truth slips away?

Elizabeth Trout had escaped her rural Arkansas hometown. Compelled to sort through her deceased grandmother’s belongings, she and her new husband Jonas make an unexpected trip to the family ranch. But when the property manager turns up dead, Elizabeth is rocked when her ex-boyfriend-turned-deputy arrests her for the murder.

With incriminating evidence and the sheriff convinced he’s got the right suspect, Elizabeth and Jonas must fish for clues on their own. But with a multitude of potential culprits and her husband’s contrasting personality, Elizabeth fears she may be left dangling on the hook for a crime she didn’t commit.

Can these newlyweds net the real killer before Elizabeth is jailed for murder?

Fish Out of Water is the charming first book in the Ozarks Lake Mystery series. If you like quirky characters, clever twists and turns, and puzzling whodunits, then you’ll love Marc Jedel’s humorous tale.

Buy Fish Out of Water to reel in a slippery catch today!

Author Interview with Marc Jedel

Hello Marc Jedel!
Thank you so much for stopping by! My readers and I love getting to know the author behind the pages!

  What got you interested in writing?

 Marc: Like most authors, I’ve always loved to read and make up stories. As a child, I had a special notebook for writing my stories. For a not-so-surprising reason, these always seemed to focus on a boy becoming the hero of his Little League baseball team. I became disheartened when I realized that I didn’t have the power to turn my fictional stories into reality. Since I also lacked the power to hit home runs, I switched sports to soccer and tried writing different stories.

 What genres do you write in?

 Marc: All of my published works to date have been cozy mysteries. Fish Out of Water is the first in my new Ozarks Lake Mystery series and the other four are part of the Silicon Valley Mystery series. These are all light, fun clean stories where any violence or sex takes place off the page. I was comfortable in this genre because writing scary scenes at night would scare me, and writing sex scenes would scare my friends and family. I’ve got ideas for a fantasy novel, a sci-fi, and a thriller but I’ve also got more ideas for the Ozarks Lake Mystery and Silicon Valley Mystery series. I expect to be writing cozies for a while.

 What drew you to writing this specific genre?

 Marc: A few years ago, I picked up my wife’s copy of a Janet Evanovich novel. She got mad when I didn’t return it until I’d finished. My wife that is, not Janet. Janet would probably be happy because I’ve purchased a number of her other books and even consulted her How I Write book when I started my first book. I wouldn’t even mind if Janet decided to tell all her readers that they should try my books too (in case you’re reading this, Hi Janet!) Since then, I’ve read many other books in this genre and enjoy the good ones for a light, humorous read.

How did you break into the field?

 Marc: I believe my entire professional life in marketing has been about writing fiction. We just called it emails, websites, and marketing collateral. After wanting to write a book for many years, I finally buckled down to actually trying it. Lots of work, walks with my wife and dog, and drafts led to my first novel getting published. The next ones have come easier, but still involved a lot of dog walking. Because my dog doesn’t laugh at my jokes nor contribute much in the way of dialogue, he doesn’t get co-author credit.

 What do you find most rewarding about writing?

 Marc: I enjoy hearing from readers in emails or via reviews they post. I love when readers find something in my books that makes them laugh, or remember some funny story that they share with me. With their permission, I’ve adapted and, sometimes merged or exaggerated, a number of entertaining anecdotes for use in my stories.

What do you find most challenging about writing?

 Marc: In the past I used to tell people that trying to stay focused while working isolated from home was tough. But now that practically everyone’s been doing it since last March, it’s  no longer so unusual. For me, developing a fun and interesting plot always seems to take a long time. Once I’ve got a solid plot outlined, the novel seems to come along at a fairly quick and steady pace.

 What advice would you give to people wanting to enter the field?

 Marc: Read more and read widely. Reading different authors and genres is the best way to learn what works and what doesn’t. And, start writing. It’s easier than ever to become a writer but just as difficult as always to be a good one. Practice with a diary or use some of the writing prompts you can find on the internet.

What type of books do you enjoy reading?

 Marc: I read mysteries, sci-fi, and thrillers and sometimes read biographies and science non-fiction. I also read the newspaper, some magazines, and the mail. So I guess you could conclude I’m a reader.

I can personally relate to the feeling like a “fish out of water” feeling as well since I move so much and I know many of my friends here can as well! Thanks again for stopping by Marc. I enjoyed getting to know you a bit better and loved your advice for entering the field of writing!

The Travelers Wife

About Marc Jedel

For most of my life, I’ve been inventing stories. Living in many places around the United States, including a lot of time in the South, has given me a particularly keen appreciation for those who feel like a “fish out of water” sometimes.

My writing skills were honed in years of marketing leadership positions in Silicon Valley. While my high tech marketing roles involved crafting plenty of fiction, we called these marketing collateral, emails and ads.

The publication of my first novel, Uncle and Ants in the Silicon Valley Mystery series, gave me permission to claim “author” as my job. And achieving Amazon Best Seller status gave me even better adjectives to use in front of “author.” This has led to way more interesting discussions than answering “marketing.”

Telling the stories in the Ozarks Lake Mystery series has given me an enjoyable opportunity to spend time with characters that somewhat resemble people I’ve known. Writing alternating chapters from the perspective of each spouse of the newlywed Trout couple allowed me to experience multiple personalities without getting a visit from mental health professionals.

Author Links Website: BookBub: FaceBook: LinkedIn: GoodReads: Purchase Links: Amazon


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    Thanks for hosting me today. The interview was fun. Fish Out of Water is only $0.99 during this Great Escapes Tour so it’s a perfect chance for readers to try this new series.


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