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About the Book

Hinck-Forsaken-Island-200x300 Book: Forsaken Island
Author: Sharon Hinck
Genre: Christian Romantic Epic Fantasy
Release Date: September 15, 2020
Synopsis: On an uncharted world, happiness is effortless and constant … but can true joy exist without sacrifice? The people of Meriel have long believed their island world floats alone in the vast ocean universe, so they are astonished when another island drifts into view. With resources becoming scarce, Carya and Brantley quickly volunteer to search the new land for supplies. After navigating a barrier of menacing trees, the pair encounter a culture of perpetually happy people who readily share their talents and their possessions. But all is not what it seems. At the core of the island is a horror that threatens everyone, including Brantley and Carya. Freeing the villagers of the bondage they’ve chosen may cost Carya and Brantley more than they could have imagined. Even if the two succeed, they’ll have to find a way to return to Meriel quickly … or be cut off from their home forever.

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My thoughts

How do you even write a review for a book that you find so amazing you can barely put it into words… That is the real question.

After hearing so many good things about Hidden Current I knew I had to read Forsaken Island, and I am so glad I did. Sharon Hinck’s style is like that of C. S. Lewis, and J.R. R. Tolkien. She has such a unique and compelling storyline with an allegorical style that I. ABSOLUTELY. LOVED. It was beautiful to read and filled with some great truths about life, God, and finding our purpose in life. With mystery, intrigue, and a light sweet romance woven into every page.

Carya and Brantley are some of the sweetest characters I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Carya is strong, passionate, and eager to learn what the Maker has for her to do. Brentley is also strong, caring, and an adventurous planner 😊. Both combined equal a winning combination, even though their romance is not the main focus of the book, more like an interwoven sidebar that makes it light and sweet. Their Journey on the Island of Meriel will lead you on a journey like no other.  I enjoyed these characters so much (maybe because I see much of myself in Carya) and I am so excited to see where Sharon Hinck takes them next.

If you read no other book this year, I would highly recommend picking up Forsaken Island or Hidden Current (Amazon has Hidden Current for only $10 right now, for the hardcover!) They are both fantastic and I will be thinking about them for a long time to come. 5 out of 5 stars, for the AMAZING metaphors/ allegories, getting me so invested in the lives of her characters, and leaving me contemplating on what I just read and how it applies to my life.

*I volunteered to read this book in return for my honest feedback. The thoughts and opinions expressed within are my own.

About the Author

Hinck2015-Author-Photo-200x300 Award-winning author of The Sword of Lyric series, Sharon Hinck writes “stories for the hero in all of us” about women on extraordinary adventures of faith. Her novels are praised for their authentic characters, strong spiritual themes, and emotional resonance. For this series, she drew on her experience as a ballet teacher, dancer, and choreographer.

More from Sharon

Inspiration Behind Forsaken Island   In the first book of The Dancing Realms series, we learn about a floating island world guided by the work of dancers. The assumption of everyone on Meriel is that their island IS the world—the only existing place on a vast empty ocean.   But in this second book, currents have pushed a new island into view. Our intrepid dancer Carya, and her stenella-riding friend Brantley, set off to explore, hoping to find resources for their world of Meriel.   The story was influenced by some of my favorite classics in the adventure/exploration genre. Jack London (particularly The Sea Wolf), or Daniel Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe. Or anything by Jules Verne or Robert Louis Stevenson. As the characters explore a new world, we experience both wonder and danger with them. I love that sort of story, so I set my two beloved characters of on an adventure to see what they would discover.   But of course, the book is also about the developing relationship between Carya and Brantley, and the conflicts they confront. And once again, an undercurrent (no pun intended) of spiritual themes is at play. The island holds dark secrets, and time is running out for the opportunity to find their way home.   I love the verse from Psalm 94:14. “For the LORD will not reject his people; he will never forsake his inheritance.” Even on a “Forsaken Island” – the Maker of His people finds a way to reach out and bring hope.

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Forsaken Island Giveaway

To celebrate her tour, Sharon is giving away the grand prize package of a Forsaken Island book bag, a personalized and autographed hard cover copy of Hidden Current, book marks, and some decorative goodies on a plant-life theme!!

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Sharon Hinck says:

    Thanks so much for sharing about Forsaken Island on your lovely blog today! I appreciate everyone who shares about books to the reading community!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Travelers Wife 4 Life says:

      Your welcome! I will be posting the review in a few days as well! (I had to unexpectedly evacuate due to hurricane Delta) But I LOVED Forsaken Island 🙂


  2. Sharon Hinck says:

    I’m SO sorry you were in the path of the hurricane. Hope you and your family are safe! Hugs!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Travelers Wife 4 Life says:

      We are 🙂 Thanks. It was an interesting few days that’s for sure!


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